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New game!

2012-05-28 06:47:49 by Th3Lucky

Have you played "Lock day: Terror in the Lock night" yet? No? Well that's a shame. Go do it right now!

So, you played it now, right? Yes, but did you... beat it? Ha! Didn't think so! Grow some balls kiddo, show this game who's the boss!

(Oh, and also vote 5!)

Leave this world

2011-06-04 07:57:05 by Th3Lucky

"LL - Leave this world" is an awesome collab.
You should go see it.

Like, right now.

Do it!

All hail the LL's new mascot

2011-02-05 16:53:29 by Th3Lucky


<3 <3 <3

All hail the LL's new mascot

You mean even I can make games with flash?

2010-07-12 15:25:26 by Th3Lucky

I'm actually learning how to use actionscript, thanks to my ol' pal Sunshine lock!
Expect a game soon, Newgrounders ;)


2010-02-17 06:41:40 by Th3Lucky

Guys! The Lock legion is back!
Now go subscribe.

Gogogo !!

Banday !

2009-10-26 08:43:05 by Th3Lucky

It's Banday for the Lock Legion !
Enjoy my new flash : Some locks shorts !