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Entry #6

New game!

2012-05-28 06:47:49 by Th3Lucky

Have you played "Lock day: Terror in the Lock night" yet? No? Well that's a shame. Go do it right now!

So, you played it now, right? Yes, but did you... beat it? Ha! Didn't think so! Grow some balls kiddo, show this game who's the boss!

(Oh, and also vote 5!)


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2012-05-28 08:00:52

Hope it has medals.


2012-05-28 09:34:30

That game was the shit maaaan. Great job!


2012-05-28 11:12:57

First time I played I made it all the way to the pill and died in the the jump...
Second time I made it to the boss who i thought was repetetive then well you know.
Nice game reminds me a lot of megaman it was awesome!